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Choosing the right brick for your buildThere’s a waterstruck brick for every type of project. But wi
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July 2, 2019

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Choosing the right brick for your build

There’s a waterstruck brick for every type of project. But with so much choice, finding the right brick can be time consuming. To help, we’ve outlined some key project types, and suggested the most popular brick for the job.

Housing Developments and Residential Projects

UK Brick Recommends: Classic Waterstruck Bricks

This is a refined waterstruck brick. It’s versatile to design with, and gives a sense of understated elegance. The colour range is indulgent too. Choose from a selection of buff brick tones; the colour difference is subtle, but it’s these subtleties that give architects versatility in design. If a buff brick isn’t right, there’s soft cream bricks, statement red bricks, and everything in between with the multi-tone ranges. So, colour options are plentiful, but why choose a waterstruck?

Waterstruck bricks look different. They bring a stylish warmth and personality to a new-build housing development, and their exclusivity is alluring. With a consistent surface structure, they’re great for visual uniformity within a development too; this results in an impressive collection of homes, but potential buyers want their home to stand out, and feel unique too. Waterstruck bricks don’t dissapoint; during the manufacturing process, the clay is poured into individual moulds, and released by a cleansing water lubricant.

The waterstruck process gives a pure, elegant finish, and every brick has a unique texture and aesthetic. This ensures that every waterstruck brick, and every waterstruck home, has its own distinct character.

So great for potential buyers, but they look and sound pricey. Well, yes, they look different. And that makes them feel expensive. But in fact, they cost no more to manufacture than comparable sandstruck bricks. So for housing developments that want to achieve a cost-effective yet exclusive aesthetic.

Bespoke Builds and Commercial Buildings

UK Brick Recommends: Linear Waterstruck Bricks

These are for extra-special one-off projects; think office buildings, retail complexes, libraries and bespoke homes. Linear bricks have the classic waterstruck aesthetic, but they’re double the length of a standard brick. The elongated form results in an elegant, design-led feel, and separates them from the ordinary. The colour range is exceptional too. With various different black bricks, oat bricks, grey bricks and cream bricks, the choice is indulgent; bronze bricks and white bricks are available too. Whichever colour is right for you, the elongated brick and sharp colour combo are ready to make a serious design statement.

But facing bricks are not just for the external wow; Linear bricks are a versatile design tool, and are perfect for creating interior feature walls. Exposed brick adds personality, warmth and character, and nothing says exclusive like a Linear brick; a statement wall can create a rustic yet contemporary bedroom, or an industrial yet warm kitchen.

Renovation Projects

UK Brick Recommends: Fusion Waterstruck Bricks

These are great for projects that want to play with colour. Each collection of waterstruck bricks has distinct qualities and surface structures; collections include Classic Bricks, Prime Bricks and Rustic Bricks, and within each collection is a multitude of different colour tones. But some projects don’t call for consistency and uniformity; enter the Fusion bricks.

As their name suggests, Fusion bricks break convention, and mix the collections. This results in dramatic colour play, and is particularly effective in recreating the tone and character of reclaimed or weathered bricks. Mix-and-matching collections allows you to create something entirely unique, or to colour-match aged bricks; they give architects creativity, and can be used to add depth, achieve complex colour variation, or harmonise with surroundings. Start getting some inspiration with out Fusion range.

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