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There are many reasons why we love Warwickshire. But since we’re UK Brick, our focus today sways tow
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November 25, 2020

There are many reasons why we love Warwickshire. But since we’re UK Brick, our focus today sways towards architecture.

Brick: Ultima Linear

Colour: Winter White Linear

Location: Warwickshire

Architects: Studio Spicer ArchitectsProject: Residential Build. One Off Home

The West Midlands has left a significant architectural stamp on England. Within the Warwickshire county, you’ll find a diverse and interesting legacy of residential property. Some of these have since been adapted into commercial premises, and others remain homes today. Royal Leamington Spa, Warwick and Coventry all boast a fusion of historic and contemporary architecture. And, as the birthplace of Shakespeare, Stratford-upon-Avon needs no introduction. This idyllic medieval market town is internationally loved, and it’s poetic history has put it’s name on the flag.

Today Stratford has evolved into a smart cosmopolitan town, with every lifestyle enhancing amenity at your doorstep. The town center still oozes a quaint sense of nostalgia though, quite possibly thanks to the traditional tudor architecture that is still peppered throughout the contemporary high street shops. You’ll see exposed wooden frameworks contrasting against brick, plaster and wattle-and-daub. You’ll feel the tactile 16th/17th Century half-timbered Tudor houses. And you’ll live the past.

These buildings are cherished.

So the contemporary architecture we build today must sit well against the old. It must be equally breathtaking. And the buildings we design must be just as loved, and just as inspiring, for future generations, and for centuries to come.

Warwickshire House

This home lies in the heart of Warwickshire. It’s a beautiful example of how architecture has evolved, and has been mastered. Featuring painfully clean lines, and defined by two diverse spilt levels, this house is anything but ordinary. The substantial windows become remarkable features. Light, earthy tones of grey. Warm rustic browns. Hints of black and creams. The contrast in colours, and beautiful harmony of materials and texture is quite spectacular.

Inside the home, find calming eaves and quiet nooks. This is a home for togetherness, entertaining and solitude. The perfect spot for quiet contemplation, nestled in the beautiful Warwickshire countryside. A home designed by the incredible team at Studio Spicer Architects. Perfect for contemporary living.

Naturally, we love the brickwork too, and we are proud that the build features our Ultima Linear collection. All of our bricks are exclusive, but these bricks are extra-special.

Ultima Linear: Properties

‘Linear’ refers to the length of the brick. And since these bricks are double the length of a standard brick, they boast an extra half in length. They are sometimes referred to as long-format or elongated bricks, but either way, they set themselves apart from the norm. Standing at just 38mm tall, they have an exceptional form, and a design led feel that calls for extra-special projects.

They’re not right for every build, but they make a statement in luxury housing apartments, office buildings, museums and University buildings. Linear bricks add serious personality to any residential or commercial project, but they are not for the mundane. Architects and housebuilders love them, and London needs them. So if you’re working on an exciting project, we’d love you to order one of our samples today.

Ultima Linear: Versatility

The versatility starts with the clay itself. The properties and structure of the material is shaped by the minerals, flora and fauna that exist within the soil; so the quality and composition of the clay is dependent on region, weather and land conditions. Take our Scandinavian clay; with land naturally rich in earth minerals and water, the soil unearths the finest clay particles. With a fine and delicate nature, it behaves differently to any other clay in the world. And the resulting brick is unmatched.

Waterstruck Bricks: The Finish

We choose the Waterstruck method of brick production. This enhances the raw material, and gives the bricks their distinct aesthetic. The mixture is poured into individual moulds, and after settling, water is used as the releasing agent. The clay, it’s handling, and the water lubricant combine to imprint a unique textural patina on each resulting brick. Technology emulates the hand, and the water creates a finish that cannot be achieved with any other method of brick-making. These are durable, frost resistant bricks, and yet their subtle surface textures create an endearing fragility too.

We love to see the old. The history. The preface. But we want nostalgia to exist alongside the future. To talk together. To harmonise. English architecture has evolved, and will continue to do so. And we are proud to help write the next chapter.

Collaboration. Because unique ideas are best tackled together.

We love working with architects. Their uncompromising commitment to quality is why our bricks exist. Our bricks have the visual and specification quality to fulfil any artistic vision. And our team is on hand to support you through structural challenges, ensuring that the visual integrity remains just as strong as the structure.

UK Brick is here to bridge the gap between art and science. Because when ingenuity in design meets an extraordinary material, an everlasting print is made on our earth.

Don’t compromise, build with UK Bricks.

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