UK Brick’s CPD Accredited ‘Designing with Brick’ Programme

In this article, we delve into the enduring appeal of brick, exploring its rich history.
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Brick, with its timeless elegance, has continued to be a pivotal element in modern architecture. In this article, we delve into the enduring appeal of brick, exploring its rich history and the contemporary designs that shape our urban landscapes. The focal point is the exclusive CPD accredited, 'Designing with Brick,' a collaborative effort by UK Brick and Randers Tegl, offering architects an enriching journey through the world of brick.

Types of Bricks

The CPD-accredited course will inform you about how not all bricks are created equal, and understanding the diverse types available is crucial for architects seeking to elevate their designs. This section serves as a comprehenxsive overview, shedding light on the myriad options in the world of bricks and emphasising the paramount importance of selecting the right brick for various applications.

The sheer variety of bricks on the market underscores the need for architects to be discerning in their choices. Each type of brick comes with its unique characteristics, ranging from aesthetic appeal and durability to thermal insulation and load-bearing capabilities. Considering the specific requirements of a project is imperative, as the choice of brick can significantly impact the overall functionality and visual appeal of a structure.

UK Brick Brick Selections Inlcuding Ironbridge Red, Ochre Red Multi and Broadway Multi

Broadway Multi

UK-Brick takes pride in offering a diverse selection of high-quality buff bricks, meticulously crafted to enhance the aesthetic of any building. Renowned for their warm, weathered character, our buff bricks, with natural tones, are a popular choice for a variety of applications, creating a welcoming atmosphere.

Ironbridge Red -  

UK-Brick's high-quality mid to dark red bricks with plum undertones offer a bold aesthetic for modern and traditional projects. Crafted to stringent standards, these durable bricks provide both striking looks and reliable performance in challenging conditions, impressing architects, builders, and homeowners alike.

Ochre Red Multi

UK Brick's vibrant "Blaze" bricks, blend bright orange and red tones with a subtle buff undertone for a dynamic exterior. These high-quality bricks not only make a bold statement but also ensure durability and low maintenance costs. Crafted with precision, they offer both visual appeal and structural integrity, making them ideal for modern architectural designs.

Size and Bonding Techniques

Size matters when it comes to bricks. This is why as part of our CPD-accredited course, we delve into the intricacies of size variations and explore different bonding techniques to achieve optimal structural integrity. This section equips architects with the knowledge needed to ensure their designs stand the test of time.

Versatility of Brick

The unparalleled versatility of brick is a key focus in the CPD-accredited course too. You will learn about the myriad advantages of using brick, from enhancing sustainability to improving aesthetic appeal and structural integrity. Discover why brick remains a favoured material among industry professionals.

One of UK Brick's Brick Selections, showcasing it's red buff and versatility.

Real-World Applications

Engaging in case studies brings theoretical knowledge into a practical perspective. Architects will find inspiration in real-world applications, demonstrating how brick can be creatively used to meet diverse design objectives.

UK Brick Fusion - Datcham Blend Exterior of the Building.

Transformative Learning Experience

The CPD, 'Designing with Brick,' is not just a course; it's a transformative learning experience. This section provides an overview of what architects can expect, emphasising the knowledge and skills they'll gain to innovate and excel in their architectural creations.

Innovation and Excellence

Encouraging architects to push boundaries and innovate, this section underscores the classic beauty and modern functionality of brick. Learn how to achieve excellence in design by incorporating the timeless elegance of brick into your architectural creations.

What Does CPD Accredited Mean?

CPD stands for Continuing Professional Development. When a programme or course is CPD accredited, it means that it has been recognised and approved by a professional body or organisation as meeting certain standards for ongoing professional development. This accreditation indicates that the programme provides valuable learning experiences and contributes to the development and enhancement of professional skills.

What is RIBA?

The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) is a professional organisation based in the United Kingdom that represents architects and promotes excellence in architecture. Established in 1834, RIBA serves as a collective voice for the architectural profession, advocating for its members and contributing to the advancement of the field.

The organisation plays a crucial role in setting and maintaining the standards for architectural practice, education, and professional conduct. RIBA also strives to enhance the public understanding and appreciation of architecture by organising events, exhibitions, and initiatives that celebrate and explore the impact of architecture on society.

Blue RIBA Logo


This article has explored the timeless elegance and enduring appeal of brick in modern architecture. From its rich history to the cutting-edge designs presented in the CPD, 'Designing with Brick,' architects will now be equipped to redefine their creations with the classic beauty and modern functionality of brick. For more information contact us now and our team will be happy to assist you.

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