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With government proposals laid out last week, the future of the UK’s housing developments, and the e
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August 18, 2020

With government proposals laid out last week, the future of the UK’s housing developments, and the entire planning system is set for change.

As part of the plans, land will fall into three categories: growth, renewal or protected; areas categorised under ‘growth’ will secure instant planning approval, and all projects will need to secure planning permission within 30-months, or be sanctioned. This system is fast and aggressive. And we are going to see the future of our housing developments change.

And where there is opportunity for change, we want to make it positive.

Because here at UK Brick, there is one part of the new proposal that has particularly caught our eye...

New Housing: Priority for ‘beautiful’ developments

There is no doubt that the expedited planning process could lead to sub-par housing. But we hope that developers take note of a sweet incentive tucked neatly inside the proposal. Developments of exceptional quality will qualify for automatic permits. Yes, automatic. So if you comply with local design codes, and show a high-quality finish, you’ll be put on the top of the pile for grants.

So, let’s not drag our feet. We have beautiful homes to build. And our Classic brick collection more than qualifies as ‘high quality.’

Classic Bricks: What makes them so beautiful?

Making any beautiful product starts with the production. And our bricks start life as the finest Scandinavian clay. They are treated to a unique form of manufacturing, using a brick formation process passed down through generations. Time, care and an understanding of the material are key. As the name suggests, each brick is turned out of it’s individual mould using water, and this leaves a unique surface texture on the outer facade. With these bricks, subtly is everything, and the waterstruck is as refined as it is versatile.

And versatility is key in housing developments. Quality housing that sits perfectly in a traditional county setting, or bold contemporary styles ideal for luxe city apartments can be achieved with ease. These bricks allow the architect complete freedom in design. But the quality of the material remains consistent. So whether you are proposing a series of stunning detached homes, or an abstract apartment block, the Classic collection can help elevate the build beyond expectation.

Quality Finish: Building homes for the next generations

This is not just about the new housing system. In fact, it’s not even about housing. It’s about people. Families.

When choosing a new home, the outer facade is so important. And the facing bricks make up a considerable part of the final aspect. By nature, waterstruck bricks have a soft, warm and inviting appearance. And their smooth, brilliant finish not only compliments other materials, it enhances them. A waterstruck brick that sits alongside wood, glass, concrete or metal makes for a beautiful visual impact.

That’s why here at UK Brick, we believe that the finest bricks can only be achieved only through the waterstruck process. We’re so confident, we exclusively stock and supply bricks that are a product of this method. Today, our Classic bricks represent our biggest range of high-quality, waterstruck bricks. We love them, and so do housing developers.

Versatility: Standard size bricks, that are anything but standard

Our Classic bricks are made using an innovative production process, and one that imprints a consistent structure on the bricks surface. But more than ever, we are seeing that experimental design, and a creative approach to housing developments is crucial. That’s why our Classic collection comes in an exhaustive selection of colours to suit any development. Need a traditional red oozing with character? We’ve got it. Need an earthy sand, warm rose hue or classic yellow or brown? They are here. There is not one colour that will suit the personality and vision of each development. So with our range, choice is aplenty. And quality is always guaranteed. Take a look at the projects below, and get in touch for more inspiration.

We want to see more beautiful homes, built faster than ever, all across the UK. Yes faster planning permission gives us the opportunity to build more, but prioritizing beautiful developments gives us the opportunity to redesign our country. The UK is home to the most exciting architects and developers, and we can emerge as a world leader in affordable, but beautiful homes.

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