The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Your Brick Manufacturer

Brick manufacturers can vary widely – and choosing the right one for your project can feel overwhelm
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February 18, 2022

Brick manufacturers can vary widely – and choosing the right one for your project can feel overwhelming at times. Whether you are an architect or a designer planning on using brickwork on your project, you will need to consider various factors before choosing the right brick manufacturer company.

It’s no secret that brick cladding is one of the most popular building materials in the UK; because it’s a divergent - used outdoors and interior spaces - and low-maintenance material, among other benefits. Likewise, we see many different projects at UK Brick daily because our clients know we recommend the perfect brick for every instance.  

Choosing the proper brick manufacturer is crucial to ensure that it will meet your project’s vision and construction deadline, all within the target budget. Whether your project is domestic or commercial, this guide will help you understand what to look for in a brick manufacturer and how to identify the right one for your project.

Photo of a bricked building

Project Budget

Firstly, you should set your target budget for the project – and stick to it! Construction budgets enable establishing affordability; planning your budget is one of the first steps for successful projects.

Although you shouldn’t sacrifice brick quality for the price, setting a building budget will remain critical to choosing your brick manufacturer because it will delimit the brick type/finish, delivery times, installation frames, and more.

It's critical that you keep your budget realistic and based on facts. Best construction budgeting practices include:

-       Analysis of needs prior to design.

-       Assess forecasted income and expenses throughout the project life.

-       Gauge available funds.

-       Compare the project with similar projects.

-       Preliminaries in construction analysis.

-       Think of any other specific requirements for this project, such as delivery time and installation time frame.

-       Allow 5-10% of the total budget to be allocated as a contingency budget.

Alternatively, you can download a free project budget template.

Brick Type

After setting a construction budget, the first thing many architects do is decide the type of brick that suits their project best. For example, do you want bricks with a smooth finish or bricks with a rough finish? Do you want bricks in different colours? Do you want bricks in different sizes? Do you want to buy pre-made blocks, or would you like to order custom-made blocks? What will be the brick bond? Will they be clay-facing or used indoors?

Brick Example 1: Red bricks

Brick Example 2: Light bricks

Brick Example 3: Dark Bricks

To help you choose the right brick type for you, check out our gallery for inspiration, or use our brick finder tool. Alternatively, you can get it touch now for a free sample.

Demo image of UK Bricks Brick Tool

Getting in touch

The last step is reaching out to the brick manufacturers to determine if they can accommodate your project requirements, deadlines, and budget.

Suppose you're looking for a UK brick manufacturer. In that case, UK Brick offers a wide range of brick cladding products, perfect for your construction (including green buildings, commercial buildings, domestic buildings, and other building types).

Further, UK Brick is a reliable, trustworthy Uk brick provider with a track record of producing high-quality, eye-catching commercial and domestic structures. Opting for a local UK brick manufacturer will diminish CO2 emissions on transport and help towards a more sustainable future as well as speed up delivery times to finish your construction in time.  

If you'd like to learn more, please contact us today and get your free sample; we'd love to hear from you.

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