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Nottingham is ready to take the stage as the UK’s Cultural Capital. In fact, Nottingham is ready to
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July 27, 2020

Nottingham is ready to take the stage as the UK’s Cultural Capital. In fact, Nottingham is ready to make a name globally.

Yep. Read it again. And again.

Because Nottingham is going big.

This month, the UK’s construction industry has been celebrating some exciting developments up and down the country. Builders have picked up their tools, and development sites are buzzing. But today, we’re staying close to our roots. And that’s in the middle. UK Brick started out in the Midlands, and so the launch of The Nottingham Project has brought a big smile to our faces. The initiative is set to shape the city's cultural landscape, and secure it’s architectural presence on a global stage.

Mix of Unique Brick - Pershore Blend  & Rustic Brick - Bowland Rustic

Over the next decade, The Nottingham Project aims to harness the power of culture, creativity, the arts, music and sport. The Nottingham Board for Culture and Creativity plans on revitalising the creative sector, and the city has the support of it’s biggest players; Nottingham City Council, Nottingham Trent University, the University of Nottingham and Arts Council England are all behind the project, and financial support has been given the green light from Nottingham BID. The Nottingham Project has ambitious short and long-term objectives for the city, and we’re excited to see Nottingham transform over the next ten years.

Nottingham-born Greg Nugent, newly elected chair of the board, comments, “Given the events of 2020 and the impact the COVID-19 crisis has had on the creative and culture sector in our city – and around the world – there has never been a more important time for a project of this nature,” Nugent says, “It is crucial Nottingham rejuvenates itself and has the ambition to become a world leader over the next decade.”

Fusion Brick - Datcham Blend

It’s true that this is a great time for redevelopment and rejuvenation. But the thirst for progression is no new feeling for Nottingham. The 'Universities for Nottingham' initiative kicked off in January, which emphasises the importance of creativity, culture and local heritage. This movement is helping to draw new blood into both Nottingham and Nottinghamshire, and recognise it’s potential as an outstanding and prosperous place to live, work, study, invest and start a business. As a push to raise Nottingham and Nottinghamshire’s profile further, both the University of Nottingham and Nottingham Trent University will provide The Nottingham Project with crucial support.

And we’re happy to see architecture at the forefront of the plans. The Nottingham Project has teamed up with the architectural geniuses over at Heatherwick Studio; founder and designer, Thomas Heatherwick, is leading his team in the exciting redevelopment of the city, and we are eagerly awaiting his new creative vision for Nottingham. This piece of work will be carried out over the summer, and will bring together key creative stakeholders and the wider Nottingham public. The aim is simple: To build a vision for Nottingham that places it in the world’s most creative cities over the coming decade. And we’re ready to see the collaborative spirit, honest vision, and monumental results.

Rustic Brick - Bowland Rustic

So shuttya gob, and roll up your sleeves. Nottingham is ready for some serious hard work, and we’re ready to see Nottingham at it’s best.

And if you need some inspiration, look no further than our bricks. Because for architectural brilliance, there is no better choice.

And if you’re ready to raise the bar with your next project, get in touch!

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