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The kind of Waterstruck & Linear Brick projects we specialise in are not for the meek, but if you wa
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March 27, 2020

Today we’re looking at some next level architectural design.

The kind of Waterstruck & Linear Brick projects we specialise in are not for the meek, but if you want your architecture firm in the spotlight, you need to go big, or go home. And everyone is fed up with being home right now...

The architectural, construction and property industries are all ready for a busy Summer, and we are excited to see some major projects come to fruition. We are the only supplier of Randers Tegl Bricks in the UK, and we are stocked and ready to supply our exclusive standard and long-format bricks to development sites across the country. So take a look at some seriously cool design, and get in touch to tell us more about your build!

Our Linear Waterstruck Bricks: Latest Inspiration

Project: Retail, residential & eatery complex

Brick: Linear Winter White

Developer: Union Holding & NRE Denmark

Architects: Cobe

Construction Period: 2017 – 2019

This 3,500 m² groundbreaking project is a major head turner. It’s sharp exterior design is given an extraordinary finish with our long-format waterstruck bricks, and the equally impressive interior structure is a thoughtful maze of residential accommodation, shops, restaurants, cafés and even a train station.

This new build lies in the center of a historic neighbourhood; the surrounding avenue is inspired by Parisian style, and the intricate architectural detail that surrounds is not to be missed. Preserving the cultural integrity of the area is key, and yet this project is the first big step towards a fresh approach to the cityscape. The design makes a bold statement, and the resulting complex responds to the needs of the local community.

The project is a cultural and eatery hub with 30 residential apartments, and an underground train station. The building expects daily traffic of approximately 10,000 travelers, all of whom will pass through the complex on their daily commute. The build deviates from the surrounding architecture, and yet the architects heading up the project were tasked with creating a sense of old-and-new architectural cohesion. The Copenhagen-based Cobe architects responded with a sympathetic yet contemporary twist, designing five buildings arranged around an inner courtyard.

It’s All About The Bricks...

Ole Larsen, who was responsible for all the building's brickwork explains how: “Normally, you would have a foundation for your masonry. We couldn’t do that here, as the building houses an underground metro station. Our solution was to have a small number of strong supporting pillars and a single supporting wall to hold up the entire building – and to clad the façade with bricks.”

He highlights the flexibility of waterstruck bricks, and how they can be used to overcome complex structural challenges: "We had brick shells specially made and used them as a weather shield. On the tallest building, we cut brick shells based on the standard brick, we used throughout the project. We then glued these onto a light and airy façade in order to reduce the weight of the building. We used the brick shells wherever we were not able to lay bricks to ensure that the entire building appears as a single cohesive whole, and not one that is broken up, so to speak, as a result of using other building materials...In terms of cost, it costs as much as it would to build a structure with a heavy brick façade."

Our Bricks Were Not Only The Project's Clay, But The Neighbourhoods Glue...

“There are different heights, types and façades throughout the project. But there is a common element throughout. The building uses the same brick from Randers Tegl, Winter White Linear , which has a special finish. This is a surface treatment that is used on this type of brick that has been made specially for this project. This was done by working closely with architects from Frederiksberg municipality which selected the bricks. They chose the nuances and finishes required for the face of the bricks for us to work with,” says Ole Larsen.

The Ultimate Architectural Prize

The best design calls for the best materials. And we are proud that our bricks are helping architects and developers to overcome design challenges, and achieve the very best finish. Our bricks respond to the architects design, and we take pride in assisting our firms from start to completion of a project. Every part of our process is designed to produce the best product, and to supply with ease.

From suring the best Scandinavian clay, to the flexibility in the waterstruck manufacturing process. We even ensure that our packaging is cost and time effective for on site construction ease. Our teams are not just here to deliver extraordinary bricks. We are here to support the UK’s greatest architectural projects, and to deliver a service that is efficient and responds to the unique requirements of that build.

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Helping Hands: Get In Touch

Since every build is unique, the best way for us to help is to hear a little more about your build. If you have a colour in mind, we can help find the exact tone and collection

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