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There is an honesty and a story etched into each of our bricks, and we love every time our clay
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October 2, 2020

There is an honesty and a story etched into each of our bricks, and we love every time our clay makes an architect smile. It’s easy to get lured into the surface texture and subtle nuances of an extraordinary material though. But don’t be fooled. Our bricks perfectly balance style and substance. There is a flexibility and versatility that lies beneath the surface; we work with architects to overcome complex design challenges, and to realise a unique balance of science and art. Let’s take ‘hit and miss’ bonding as an example.

Extraordinary Brick Bonds Need Extraordinary Bricks

Quality, texture and colour. These are huge deciding factors when choosing the right facing bricks for any build. But with innovative design, comes unique challenges, and there are often structural elements to consider whilst choosing the right materials.

Hit and miss brickwork offers an almost infinite possibility in design. The popularity of such bonding is fast increasing, and the visual appeal is enticing. Yet such variance and possibility brings unique challenges for every build. Don’t compromise, though. Our team is on hand to help structural engineers and architects achieve the necessary structural integrity, without compromising the artistic vision.

Making your Hit and Miss Brickwork a Hit

Let’s start with the basics. For hit and miss wall structures, frogged or cored bricks should be avoided. All of our brick collections are solid, and the brick specification is suitable for such unconventional bonding design. But getting the material right is just the start.

By nature, hit and miss brickwork requires careful consideration; it is less structurally sound than a stretcher bonded wall, and the material must work in unison with the design to ensure safe and successful construction. These walls should be treated as non-load-bearing walling systems, and to ensure they have sufficient structural strength, the panels should be supported on at least three sides. Our solutions help minimise structural weakness, and deliver workable results without compromise.

Considerations in Pattern and Design

If the design calculations fall outside of the allowable limitations, don’t panic. Varying gap sizes can create dynamic effects and patterns, and the hit and miss panel can be split into a number of smaller areas. Wall thickness, spanning distance and using a stronger mortar mix offers the necessary structural stability, and sometimes, incorporating structural beams provides the additional strength.

As every design is unique, there is not one solution. But with a solid brick as our foundation, there are always options, and we can find the right solution for you.

Collaboration. Because Unique Ideas are Best Tackled Together

We love working with architects. Their uncompromising commitment to quality is why our bricks exist. Our bricks have the visual and specification quality to fulfil any artistic vision. And our team is on hand to support you through structural challenges, ensuring that the visual integrity remains just as strong as the structure.

UK Brick is here to bridge the gap between art and science. Because when ingenuity in design meets an extraordinary material, an everlasting print is made on our earth.

Don’t compromise, build with UK Bricks.

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