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2020 has brought complex challenges globally, both socially and economically. But now, there is an o
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September 14, 2020

Our world moves. It changes.

People change.

We suffer. We learn. We grow. We survive.

We get better.

Standing still is not an option.

London city has suffered.

We have learnt that our capital needs to grow.

To change.

We must not just survive.

We must build a better future.

2020 has brought complex challenges globally, both socially and economically. But now, there is an opportunity for us to see light. A new report published by New London Architecture has given insight into a possible restructuring of London. Out goes the chaos, and in comes self-contained mini towns. Get ready for new homes, a new cityscape, and a completely new way of living. Our future capital will value sustainability as much as it does convenience, and the city will pave the way for cities worldwide.


15 minutes. It’s not a lot of time, and you’re not going to get very far travelling 15 mins from your doorstep. And this is the point. The concept envisions compact, self surviving mini towns, where you can find restaurants, entertainment, shops and schools within 15 minutes from your home.

Everyone loves convenience, and most have found that they are comfortable staying closer to home now too. Our lifestyles have changed, and now our environment must respond. Having amenities in segregated mini-towns would mean a complete restructuring of the cityscape. Not impossible, but a huge challenge. The outcome lies in sustainability.


Social and economic disrupt caused by 2020 has hit the capital hard. But planning for a better now, and stronger tomorrow is the way forwards. Recreating London in a way that is socially inclusive, and sustainable is key to rebuilding our economy.


These plans are ambitious to say the least. We’re not sure if the mini-towns are the way forwards, but we believe that sustainability and innovation will secure the future of our great cities. Here at UK Brick, we support any project that aims to improve people’s lives, and to establish healthy, active communities.

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