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The Romans called it Eboracum. Then the Saxons renamed it Eoforwick. To the Vikings, it was Jorvik.
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October 23, 2020

The Romans called it Eboracum. Then the Saxons renamed it Eoforwick. To the Vikings, it was Jorvik. York’s interesting history has shaped the city's culture today. But it’s the harmonious balance of nostalgia and contemporary that makes this city so appealing.

The stories of York’s more recent history can be seen in the form of beautiful Georgian townhouses, medieval architecture and the Victorian railway station that remain today. It’s ancient, encircling city walls preserve the historic heart of the city, and the popular ‘Shambles’ street is arguably one of England's best-preserved medieval streets.

But don’t be fooled by the charming sense of nostalgia that breathes through the streets of York. This is a progressive and modern city, and whilst York’s modern identity is intrinsically linked to its past, contemporary architecture is on the rise. Old is beginning to rub shoulders with the new, as in recent years, the historic city has seen a rise in masterful modern architecture. Will the character of this ancient city get lost in new culture? Absolutely not. Instead, this city will embrace exceptional architecture, and continue to evolve. Nothing stands still, and history continues to be written. Get ready for York’s next chapter.

Here are a few landmark developments in York. We’re proud to have supplied the bricks, and we’ll continue to support the progressive architectural culture that exists in the city.

Roomzzz: Apartment Hotel

This is not a hotel. Or a flat. It is self described as being ‘smack bang in the sweet gooey centre.’

This example of brave, experimental architecture is exactly what York is calling for more of. It has been a pleasure to supply the bricks for this 97-bedroom, four-storey beauty. The chain of ApartHotel’s across the country have a reputation built on luxury. And their latest development in York is the gem in their impressive collection.

The Roomzzz building sits on Terry Avenue, on the banks of the River Ouse. Interesting architectural features, and striking external angles separates this build from any other development along the river. Inside, you’ll find a well equipped gym, deli and stunning riverside views. From a one bedroom Smart Studio, to a Two Bedroom Loft Suite (including an impressive balcony view), every detail, textile and comfort is well considered. There’s a thoughtfulness in the design, and a luxury feel that captivates the surroundings.

Externally, the materials chosen are complementary and balanced, and the facing bricks from our Classic collection create an extraordinary final aspect. The subtle brick hues contrast beautifully against a grey Autumn day backdrop, yet they somehow look equally special against the warm, yellow tones of a Summers eve. Every season brings new colours, and every brick responds effortlessly to the change.

The modern design juxaposes beautifully against the cobbled streets of York. This is a wonderful example of contrasting old and new, and the execution is perfect. Bold architecture, quality materials, and the finest finish. A big thank you from everyone at UK Brick, it was a pleasure to supply the bricks for such a landmark build.

The Quadrant

This is one to keep your eye out for. It’s currently under construction, and it’ll be a series of luxury city offices. The build is using our Classic Bricks in Multi. Progress is looking great, and we’ll keep you up to date with the latest developments.

Building Extraordinary Buildings, Across The UK

We are proud to be supporting some of the UK’s most innovative architects, housebuilders, structural engineers, designers, landscape artists, contractors and fit out teams. Collaboration and new thinking breeds success. And we want to see the UK leading the architectural stage globally.

Our bricks exist as the facing walls for housing developments, University buildings and luxury offices across England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Their versatility is not limited to external walls though. Our brick collections have limitless creativity, and sit beautifully as internal walls, pillars and features too.

Like York, each of our cities is steeped in history. And with our buildings, we are helping to write the next chapters. The way we live is changing, our cities are changing, and our architecture is changing. Change is inevitable.  And here at UK Brick, we believe that if there is an opportunity for change, we should make it extraordinary.

If you’ve got an opportunity to build something extraordinary, we’d love to hear about it.

Collaboration. Because unique ideas are best tackled together.

We love working with architects. Their uncompromising commitment to quality is why our bricks exist. Our bricks have the visual and specification quality to fulfil any artistic vision. And our team is on hand to support you through structural challenges, ensuring that the visual integrity remains just as strong as the structure.

UK Brick is here to bridge the gap between art and science. Because when ingenuity in design meets an extraordinary material, an everlasting print is made on our earth.

Don’t compromise, build with UK Bricks.

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