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Since the average lifetime of a building is 120 years, we’re looking at what we can do now to shape
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July 12, 2020

Since the average lifetime of a building is 120 years, we’re looking at what we can do now to shape the future of our skylines. How can architecture improve quality of life today, how can we achieve something of true architectural brilliance, and what legacy can we leave behind for future generations to enjoy?

The past four months have been the greatest test for our homes. And with the housing market on fire, it’s clear people want change. The home can no longer be just a home. To survive, it must be a hybrid. In an opinion piece written for Dezeen, writer, design consultant and TV presenter Michelle Ogundehin explains that, ‘The home played a pivotal role in the recent global crisis. Forced to double as an office, school, gym, even restaurant, whether it felt safe or suffocating, it came under forensic examination, and for many was found wanting.’

Ogundehin’s ‘wanting’ is a powerful feeling. It forces us to make plans, and make even bigger things happen. The time for mediocre housing has passed, and now, it’s all about Next Level Architecture. So here we are, back on sites across the UK, helping architects and housebuilders up and down the country pick up their tools, choose the right bricks, and develop some jaw dropping developments.

In 2019, the UK saw over 170,000 new homes built.

Most of these were built for purpose, with their generic floorplans and copy-and-paste design. Nothing is wrong with these builds, but nothing is special about them either. They are functional and cost-effective, and they have been the norm for a long time. But with so many developments in construction across the country, is the modern buyer really satisfied with average?

And with a national shift towards a ‘working from home’ culture, the housing developments we plan for tomorrow need to adapt; internally, we need to accommodate the new lifestyle of the modern family, and externally, we need something to catch people’s eye. And this is where we can help.

We’re not shy that our facing bricks are special. No. They are really special, and we’re proud to be the UK’s exclusive supplier. We’ve built a reputation for bespoke residential commissions, swanky inner city offices, and one-off public buildings; but the demand for our bricks in housing developments is rising fast. Maybe it’s because housebuilders know that a killer frontage sells. Or maybe architects are keen to use the finest materials to make their mark for the next 100 years.

Whatever the incentive, we’re excited to see UK Bricks being chosen for new build sites across England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Be warned, though. If you choose UK Bricks, your plots will not just be homes. They will be part of our Next Level Architecture movement. And that’s something to be remembered.

Next Level Architecture responds to a lifestyle,

and it accommodates. It understands what people want, and it delivers. And it looks extraordinary, without compromise.

All of our bricks are made using the waterstruck process, so their finish is soft and refined. But our collections are diverse, and we have a brick for every type of estate. Take a quick flick through of some of our best bricks for 2020 housing developments, and if you like what you see, please get in touch for more details.

Unique Bricks

The name is no coincidence. These bricks are ultra-refined, and you won’t find two exactly the same. Each brick is treated to extended production process and a hand-fired finish; and the finish? A contemporary brick characterised by a unique textual surface, every time. We don’t recommend these bricks if you’re looking to build a typical estate. Insted, these bricks should be reserved for extra-special, high-quality developments. See the range now!

Classic Bricks

These are a popular facing brick for housing developments. With a consistent surface structure, they create a nice harmony between a development. If you’re looking for clean and modern, try our Cream or Buff range, and if you want something with a more traditional style, we have a huge selection of red and multi bricks. From townhouses and modern semi-detached builds, to a detached show-home beauty, these bricks are always a versatile yet dependable choice. Take a look at these classic bricks!

Rustic Bricks

If you want to pack your new build development with character, consider a Rustic brick. These bricks are made using a contemporary twist on historical methods of brick production. We emulate the processes of old with innovative machinery; this perfects the art of traditional hand-moulding, and imprints a delicate sense of nostalgia into each brick. Facing walls built with Rustic bricks take the best of the past, and exist today in an even better form.

Linear Bricks

We can’t do a brick post without mentioning our Linear bricks. And if you’re all about building something truly memorable, pause to hold one of our Linear bricks before you make your decision. Let’s start with the form. At double the length of a standard brick, they are indulgently elongated, and dreamily distinct. They call for the most dramatic, minimalist design, and they are eye-catching beyond belief. With our Linear bricks, long-format takes on a whole new meaning.

That is Next Level Architecture.

And if you’re ready to raise the bar with your next project, get in touch!

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