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Summer colours are those with a soft, subtle hue. Typically blue based, and ironically cool, a summe
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March 18, 2020

The colour of Summer

Summer colours are those with a soft, subtle hue. Typically blue based, and ironically cool, a summer palette is best seen through a gentle heat haze.

But don’t be fooled. Architects and housing developers rarely choose brick colours inspired by a season. Any project is built to last. And since it will naturally transcend the seasons, the facing brick must compliment a winter backdrop as much as it does spring blossom.

Great Britain is not known for great weather. And yet here we are enjoying a second month of warmth. Summer is approaching fast, and this summer, we have a lot to look forward to.

Here’s a flick through some of our favourite summer-looking builds:

Project: Housing development; apartment block & detached houses.

Architect: Kjaer & Richter A/S

Brick Type: UNIQUE - Chillingham Mixture

Brick Colours: Copper, brown, white, cream, beige

This development has a very cool summer vibe.

The collection of homes are designed to embrace the warmer months, and to create outside spaces in the absence of traditional gardens. Each home enjoys their own roof terrace, balcony and outdoor living spaces. This is great for inner city inspiration, or for developments with limited private gardens.

The bricks themselves ooze summer too.  Each brick is unique, and has a surface structure that shows individuality in colour, pattern and texture. And when these unique bricks are laid together, they create a dramatic effect. The wall facade shows a gentle rippling of white, beige, silver and yellow tones. Relief masonry is used sparingly, but with huge effect. The traditional brick bond lets the bricks do the talking, and the tonal qualities are only enhanced by the summer light. Take note of the metal window trims and supporting carport pillars too. Summer colours love to accent against anything metallic or shiny, and these examples of material play are masterful.

Project: Bespoke Commissioned One Off Home

Architect: Fischer architects

Brick Type: LINEAR - Winter White

Brick Colour: White, cream, grey, sand, beige, nude.

These bricks are exclusive, and they’ve fast become an architects favourite.

Maybe it’s because these waterstruck bricks are all about textural quality, and this collection is only enhanced by natural lighting. When the light hits the walls, expect to see a mirage of cream, nude and white tones, and where there is shadow. Each waterstruck has an individual surface texture, and it’s unique patterns creates subtle yet interesting shadows. And where creases in the clay appear, expect to see subtle accents of light grey, warm sand and earthy beige.

The elongated form of these bricks also plays a big part in the colour. Linear, or long format bricks, are double the length of a standard brick, and that means twice the canvas to play with. Standard length bricks are broken by lines of mortar more frequently, whereas the longer linear brick creates a more fluid, continuous wall. And since the colour of each UK Brick is unique, colour variations and subtle changes in texture are more obvious.

These bricks are made to make a statement. Use for design led homes, one off housing developments, city apartments, contemporary offices and extraordinary public buildings.

Project: City Office

Architect: Wingårdhs architects

Brick Type: UNIQUE - Pershore Blend

Brick Colour: White, light grey, black

A unique brick, for unique projects.

These white-grey soft-moulded bricks are difficult to define. The series of waterstruck bricks are made for interplay of colours, and sit beautifully in a city setting. They stand out from neighbouring architecture, and the flickers of light in a cityscape create a dynamic effect on the walls facade. No other brick can achieve such interplay of colours, and that’s why we love them.

These bricks are treated to a longer production process in order to reach their final form. And to finish off the manufacturing process, every single brick is hand treated, fired and burnt. The resulting cool white walls are a bold contrast against a traditional grey city, but it’s a creativity architects and housing developers are embracing. Especially when the build is too special to blend in.

It’s exciting to see the versatility of these bricks, and how differently designers interpret their use. We love supporting such incredible projects, and we are proud that our clay is transforming London, Manchester and Birmingham.

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