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Structural bricks are the inner foundations that help us to build load-bearing wall beams. And these
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October 18, 2019


Structural bricks are the inner foundations that help us to build load bearing wall beams. And these wall beams are an architect's best friend. They are a versatile design and structural feature, typically used in facing or back-up masonry. The wall beams can be used as an individual structure, or can be incorporated into the existing masonry. If required, the beams can be manufactured with movable reinforcement, and the finished beam is always load bearing.  


They aren’t. And that’s why they are hidden. Their purpose is to give support to the wall, and to give architect’s complete design freedom. If you want to play with negative space and leveling in interesting and unusual ways, Structural beams will allow you to design without compromise. They’re here to help achieve a desired shape, and support clean, minimalistic design. Perhaps you want to create and maximise space, or create a continuity between floors. With Structural beams, we can realise design solutions.Whatever your design objectives, Structural beams help you to overcome challenges, and find solutions to headscratchers. They can be used alongside any facing brick too, so the desired aesthetic will also be achieved. Think long format, linear bricks in black, cream or white. Or perhaps a standard length waterstruck in grey. The wall beams help you to create the structural foundations, and the facing bricks will complete the façade.


So here lies the real beauty of Structural bricks. They may not be aesthetically pleasing, but they allow architects and housebuilders to create truly incredible builds. Why? Because negative space, pillars and supporting walls are no longer a barrier. The brick beams never lay or press on windows or door frames, and an elevated wall can span a huge distance without the need for masonry below. The wall beam provides all of the support and reinforcement needed. And the best bit? They are completely hidden.

Here’s a quick peek at some impressive builds; they all use our Structural Bricks, and we hope they give you some inspiration for your next project!

The Hørning Hall

The longest pre-stressed brick beam is 5 bricks long, 9 layers high and 8.84meters long. All brick beams have a visible side on both exterior sides. To achieve a similar aesthetic, we recommend our Ashton Red Standard length brick.

The Weiß Maise

Features treated pre-stressed brick beams; these have been treated with slurry plaster to become supporting beams in the finished build. Each beam is 47cm, or 4 bricks wide; the beams are 10 layers high, and have a visible side on both exterior sides.

The Hollow Büro

This free standing masonry has the longest prestressed brick beam, spanning 7.93 meters. To bear the wind load, there are wall binders inserted between the two wall braces; this means that a grid effect is obtained in the hollow wall structure. To achieve a similar aesthetic, we recommend our Bowland Blend Standard length brick.

The Weiß Haus

For this project, a pre-stressed brick beam has been treated with slurry plaster with the dimentions of 3 ½ bricks wide (41cm) and 9.25cm long. It is possible to produce prestressed brick beams with over a 12 meter span. To achieve a similar aesthetic, we recommend our Winter White elongated long format brick.

Whether your next project is a commercial or residential build, we hope that these builds have given you some nice ideas to play with. We are proud to be the fastest UK supplier of waterstruck bricks, so if you need a hand with your next build, get in touch :) or call Chris on 07985 295 996

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