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We’ve had a flick through our portfolio, and brought together our three favourite architectural buil
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July 25, 2019

The Best Waterstruck Builds

We’ve had a flick through our portfolio, and brought together our three favourite architectural builds of the day. The collection includes residential builds, commercial builds, and apartments; each build exists for a functional purpose, and yet we can’t help but feel that their physical beauty transcends beyond the functional. They are works of art. Enjoy the pics, and we hope that the projects inspire your next build!

The Dark Tide

Brick Type: Prime Collection

Brick Colour: Monza Blend

Project: Commercial building

Completed: 2017

Location: Volgograd, Russia

This build is dark yet inviting. And it’s all about the brick bonds. The textural qualities and subtle colour nuances of each individual brick gives the building a depth and character. And this is further enhanced by areas of elevated, sculptural bonding. The creativity in brick patterning is extraordinary, and the overall sculptured form is inspired. Undulating rows of brickwork create a soft, yet imposing fàcade, and the gentle accents of wood detailing compliment the waterstruck bricks. The result is a truly unique. This is not an ordinary commercial build.

These waterstruck bricks are from our Prime Collection, in Monza Blend.

Better Than A White House

Brick Type:  Unique Collection

Brick Colour: Pershore Blend

Project:  Apartment building

Completed: 2018

Location:  Hantverkargatan, Stockholm

Okay, so this build isn’t a true white. But to drown the brick in a chemical white would be an injustice to the natural clay. The clean, chalky brick is as close to a natural white as you can find, and the colour-matched mortar results in the sharpest looking apartment block. Stylish from a distance, and fascinating up close. Let’s start with the bricks. The bricks are unique by name and unique by appearance. The textural patterns in the brick surface is as intriguing as it is gorgeous. Blemished by the water releasing agent in the brick mould, each brick tells it’s story through the textural patterns on their surface. The creative brick bonds give the build depth, and allow the design to breathe from the compact standard bond below. And the transparency of the entrance reveals a bend that invites you in. No, it’s more than inviting. It’s home.

The Contemplator

Brick Type:  Linear Collection

Brick Colour: Bronze Linear

Project:  Residential building

Completed: 2017

Location:   Fredrikstad, Norway

This build is a gallery of linear bricks; each stands at just 38mm, and is double the length of a standard UK brick. Linear bricks are reserved for only the most sassy builds, because their elongated form gives an elegant sophistication that not every build can pull off. Here, the architect has chosen a bronze linear brick, featuring subtle tonal accents. There are so many special qualities to this build. Let’s start with the clever continuation of bricks; the external linear bricks have extended into the buildings interior, and matching Linear brick slips have been used to create impressive feature walls within. The cold black metal detailing, again used externally and internally, is a dynamic combo when paired with the bronze waterstruck brick. Sharp, uniformed windows, and textural organic brickwork make this a refined, thoughtful build. Overlook the water, and contemplate the day.  

Whether your next project is a commercial or residential build, we hope that these builds have given you some nice ideas to play with. And the best bit? Each and every one of these bricks was built with our very own UK Brick bricks. We are the only UK supplier to stock the range, and we are proud to be the fastest UK supplier of waterstruck bricks. So if you need a hand with your next build, get in touch :)

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