2020 Architecture Guide · Why Interior Architects Have A Hard On For Our Linear Bricks

Trying to force these bricks into a neat category is pretty dangerous. Why? Because Linear bricks ar
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May 3, 2020

Linear Bricks...A Traditional Facing Brick, Or A Superficial Interior Statement-Wall Thing?

To answer in short, both and neither of the above. Let us explain...

Trying to force these bricks into a neat category is pretty dangerous. Why? Because Linear bricks are made to break rules. They are not a one-size-fits-all developments and projects type, and they are not for the faint hearted architect. Their wonderfully intricate surface structure breeds creativity, and whilst they may look delicate, they are not. In spite of their unique design-led appearance, they are as durable and tough as any wire cut or sandstruck standard sized brick.

And yet, long format bricks need to be handled with care. Not because they are delicate, but because they should only be selected for the most impressive architectural designs. They make a bold statement, turn heads, and give buildings a distinguished personality. This gives architects, developers and housebuilders a huge responsibility. Or opportunity, depending on your approach.

At double the length of a standard brick, and just 38mm high, long format bricks feature unique elongated dimensions. These newly developed, innovative bricks play with proportions, and the resulting finish is a testament to their considered method of production. The production process for our waterstruck Linears is unique; their manufacturing creates a smooth and refined surface, with subtle markings and imperfections that speak of the simple, natural materials involved in their creation. Each and every one of our Linears wear a unique imprint texture and color variation. The resulting finish ensures visual interest within a linear, modern form.

The purpose of the brick is only restricted by the architect's imagination.

So let’s go back to the question. Yes, these are facing bricks. But they are anything but ‘traditional.’ And, yes, they make impressive interior design features. But they are not ‘superficial.’

What’s The Trend With Using These ‘Facing’ Bricks Internally?

Maybe it’s because using them externally just isn’t enough. Linear bricks respond to architects who seek a creative, no extraordinary, design and finish. And everything they touch seems to turn to gold.

When used as a facing brick, Linear bricks help to achieve a mesmerizing external facade. And yet a building's interior does not want to disappoint. When used internally and externally, Linear bricks create a continuity in the building as a whole. Exposing a Linear brick internally is a bold design statement, but it is one that lends itself to the extra-special projects Linear bricks are known for.

Enough Talk, Show Me The Inspiration…

Making The Inner As Beautiful As The Face

This waterfront office building is a beautiful example of unique masonry design. For absolute impact, the chosen red-brown long-format bricks are used both outside and indoors. The elongated nature of the Linear brick, and it’s continuation throughout the building, creates a striking overall impression. We love the rich yet subtle tonal nuances in colour choice too.

Playing With Materials, Textures and Light

Clay is one of nature's most versatile materials. It loves to please, and it loves to complement and enhance everything it surrounds. Here, the interior and exterior acts as one. A dramatic curve invites guests inside. The interior wall extends onto the buildings outer self, and the inside and out are separated only by a transparent wall of glass.

Statement Interior Walls and Pillars, For Maximum Impact

This is more than a residential build. In fact, it is more than a home. This textural masterpiece is a walking talking moodboard, and it is a great example of the versatility of Linear Bricks. Texture, light and integrity are central to the projects’ design; the Linear brick, tinted mortar, transparent windows, black panels and smooth white create a complex wall. And yet somehow, they harmosie beautifully.

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