The UK Brick Company

UK Brick are the exclusive suppliers of a range of European waterstruck bricks utilising one of the most efficient brick manufacturing plants in Europe. Our unrivalled range of waterstruck bricks offers a unique appearance which is tried and tested.

The products are extremely popular in all building sectors including Housebuilders, Contractors and Architects. Unlike similar products within the industry our bricks offer uniqueness including a traditional and heritage like feel, but with the added benefit of being a first class brick to lay, all resulting in T2 (Tolerance) F2 (Frost Resistance) S2 (Soluble Salt Content). Water absorption is near perfect which gives versatility when laying the brick through all periods of the year.

This range represents our wide assortment of high-quality water-struck bricks. The production of these products is a precise and refined process, based on proud handicraft traditions. An innovative and modern production process grants high, consistent quality, and a beautiful structure on the brick’s surface.

Our bricks offer Housebuilders an added advantage of being pre-blended which enables the bricks to be laid from one pack, they’re also packaged to an extremely high quality with small separate pallets holding approximately 84 bricks on top of a larger pallet which holds four quadrants totalling 336 bricks. This is a huge advantage for the on-site operation, offering the flexibility to load scaffolding with as little as one pack but still establish a perfect laying blend.

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