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London is more than our capital city. It’s got 2000 years of stories to tell, and it’s smile lines a
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November 8, 2019

London is more than our capital city. It’s got 2000 years of stories to tell, and it’s smile lines and war wounds are etched into the characterful architecture that stands today. The streets are a patchwork of Neoclassical, Imperial Gothic and Art Deco styles; a gallery of architectural suffering, redevelopment, and progression.

Fast forward to 2019, and London stands strong as a cultural sweetspot. The vibrant and eclectic mix of buildings is a treat, and the sweet sound of construction is firmly in the foreground. Why? London is the home of contemporary and experimental architecture; space is precious, and yet architects refuse to compromise on design. Detail and quality are everything. And that’s when surface texture, personality and the harmonising of materials come into play.

2020. The Year Of The Linear Bricks

Yep, we’ve said it. And it’s no surprise. These bricks are really special.

So why are Linear bricks so great for London builds? Well, for a start they give architects versatilility in design. And that works really well when trying to blend into the existing architecture that surrounds, or when standing out from the norm. They work equally well as a statement commercial project or luxury home, and they work with the architect to shape a personality. In spite of all this versatility, they are reserved for extra-special one-off projects only; think office buildings, retail complexes, libraries and bespoke homes.

So what make’s linear bricks different?

Linear bricks have the classic waterstruck aesthetic, but their form is even more refined. At just 38mm tall, and double the length of a standard brick, they have an alluring aesthetic and feel. Commonly called long format bricks, their elongated length results in an elegant, design-led feel, and separates them from the ordinary.

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The colour range is exceptional too. With various different black bricks, oat bricks, grey bricks and cream bricks, the choice is indulgent; bronze bricks and white bricks are available too. Whichever colour is right for you, the elongated brick and sharp colour combo are ready to make a serious design statement.

A few of our Linear projects in Europe

Bronze Linear -  

Buff Linear -

Gloss Linear -

So what’s next for Linear Bricks?

We love the Linear brick projects oversees, but we want to see more of these beautiful bricks closer to home. We are proud to be supplying the bricks for some impressive Linear projects in 2020. Think extraordinary commercial builds in London, and a long list of bespoke projects across our creative cities nationwide. 2020 will be an exciting year for architecture in the UK, and we look forward to supporting more architectural firms in their projects.

Whether your next project is a commercial or residential build, we hope that these builds have given you some nice ideas to play with. We are proud to be the fastest UK supplier of waterstruck and linear bricks, so if you need a hand with your next build, get in touch :)

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