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Unique bricks are an exceptional and versatile material. They exist to redefine, recreate and reset a new standard of excellence. But they need a challenge. And they thrive under architectural test.

These bricks have featured in a diverse range of projects across the globe, and have helped to create some of the world’s most dynamic masonry frontages and seriously impressive interior feature walls. But don’t take our word for it. This blog is all about showcasing our Unique collection, and the projects featured speak for themselves.

Brickmaking, at it’s finest

Our Unique collection remains the most exclusive range of bricks. And it’s no coincidence that their quality cannot be matched. Achieving this level of material starts with the production. And to see the beauty of the manufacturing, we need to take a trip to Denmark. Here, each brick starts life as the finest Scandinavian soil; once developed into its superior mixture, the clay is poured into individual moulds. There it undergoes a longer production process, and it’s final aspect is only achieved with patience and balance; art and science come together to perfect a production method that has been nurtured through generations.

Extraordinary surface structure, achieved by soft-molding

These bricks are made using the waterstruck, or soft-molding, method of production. Simply put, this means that when a brick is ready to be turned out of its mould, water is used as the releasing agent. This leaves a distinct impression on the brick surface, and achieves a softness that cannot be replicated using any other brick-making method, such as the wirecut or sand-stuck process. Our Unique range has four useable sides; some collections are burnt once, others need to be fired twice to achieve their refined aspect. By design, waterstruck bricks show subtle, individual imprints on the surface structure of each brick. We can control the colour to remain consistent and uniformed, and we’ve got multi-tonal covered too. Each project is unique, and these bricks ooze individuality.

Masterful production, brought to the UK

Our Unique bricks are made by our Danish friends at Randers Tegl; they are masterful brick makers, who produce everything from exclusive water-struck bricks, to mass-produced extruded bricks. UK Brick is proud to be the only supplier of these bricks here in the UK. In fact, in we only stock Randers Tegl bricks. Why? Well take a look at the projects below, and you’ll understand why we are so selective.

Benifits, at a glance

  • Durability An interior wall made of bricks does not deteriorate as quickly as other materials. It has higher durability and reduces the risk of cracks.

  • 100% Natural Brick is a clean natural material that doesn't impact on the environment. Bricks are fired at temperatures so high that organic materials are eradicated.

  • Cost Effectiveness A house made entirely of bricks is an investment, and it pays off in the short-term and long-run. The extra cost of an internal wall made of bricks can be held down.

  • Heat Storage and Air Cooling Brick is a heavy material that stores heat and cool air. Thus the indoor climate is very pleasant and you save energy.

  • Balanced Air Humidity Bricks can easily absorb humidity, as they have a surface which is more diffusion-open than other materials.

  • Dry and Healthy Bricks are 100% inorganic and absorb humidity better than other materials used in construction. This combination minimizes the risk of mildew and dust mites.

Unique Bricks, and their purpose

These bricks are chosen to make a statement in exterior and interior brickwork projects. They respond to architects and house developers design, and have proven impressive in a diverse range of residential, commercial, industrial and cultural buildings; these facing bricks are intended for use in both structural and nonstructural masonry, including veneer, where appearance is a requirement. In short, if you want personality, you want a Unique brick.

Choosing the right materials for your project is crucial. And we love being involved in some of the UK’s most exciting builds.

And if you’re ready to raise the bar with your next project, get in touch!



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