UK Brick: Welcome To 2021

For the team here at UK Brick, 2021 is our year to collaborate, to inspire and to celebrate architectural achievements across the UK.

For generations, our bricks existed as the number one choice for European architects. Their reputation as the go-to brick for exceptional builds was unrivalled. There was nothing like these bricks anywhere in the UK. So we had to bring them here. And in doing so, UK Bricks have caught the eye of architects and housing developers across the UK.

We would say that the rest is history. But we’re only just beginning.

The UK Bricks flag is now flying all across the UK, and the architectural plans, sites in development, and completed builds that are rejuvenating our local cities is breath-taking. We love that our bricks can fulfill the demand for exceptional, unique materials. And we are proud that our bricks are so loved across England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

2021 is the next chapter. This year has a catalogue of ground-breaking buildings on the table. Our plan is to capture every architectural success, and to bring together some of the country's most influential house-builders, RIBA architects, interior designers, landscape gardeners, artists and photographers. Infact, anyone interested in next level architecture and design is very welcome to join the community.

This year is set to be a record breaker. Not only for UK Brick, but for architecture nationwide. We have exciting projects lined up throughout England, Ireland, Scotland & Wales, and the architectural proposals that keep coming in are mind-blowing.

We want to share our 2021 journey with you, so get ready for short-and-sweet, but super tasty, daily updates. We’ll be following landmark architectural builds across the UK, so

you’ll get a first peek at prestigious housing developments, cool inner city offices, pioneering University buildings and one-off masterpieces across the country.

We’re here for the finest. The builds that will be remembered. The bold and the brave.

Extraordinary architectural plans deserve the finest material. And nothing comes better than UK Brick bricks. So let’s not settle. Let’s innovate. Let’s build with a conscience, and leave behind a legacy.

And since we let our bricks do the talking, here’s a quick look at some of our recent UK Brick projects.

Have a great start to the year, and please get in touch if you’d like to see our collections of Linear or Standard-Sized Bricks.

Don’t compromise, build with UK Bricks.

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