Time. Exclusivity. Experience


Masterful architecture is an artform. Thoughtfulness and consideration is needed to achieve the finest details, and choosing the right brick for the build is key. Our team has over 40 years experience in guiding architectural decisions, and we’re proud that our care has positioned us at the forefront of the industry. Our team has a proud history of innovative brick supply, and as partners of the largest and most efficient waterstruck brick manufacturers in Europe, we’re here to support your build.


The manufacturing process is complex, and each of our bricks undertakes a journey of the finest refinement.

We take the time to understand your project. Textural and tonal choices need consideration, and our team is on hand to realise your designs.

Supply delay is inconvenient at best, and costful at worst. As partners of Northern Europe’s leading brick producer, we save you time and money.


With continual product development and innovative production, we are transforming the UK brick industry. As the fastest growing brick supplier in the UK, we supply architectural builds and housing projects nationwide. UK Brick is proud to have exclusive partnership with Northern Europes’ leading brick producers. It offers our architects and housebuilders the greatest capacity, and the widest selection. Our supply times are more than competitive, they’re the best in the UK too. From choosing the right texture, to laying the first brick, we’re on hand to guide and support.