The Housing Developers Guide · Which Bricks Are Right For My London Apartments?

Maybe you’ve just acquired the plot, or maybe you’re talking to architects. Either way, new projects
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December 3, 2019

Maybe you’ve just acquired the plot, or maybe you’re talking to architects. Either way, new projects are always exciting. But even for the most experienced developers, starting a new build is a busy time, and there’s lots to consider. The brick choice might not seem like a huge priority, and yet they are crucial to the success of any build. Let’s have a quick look at why wall bricks make or break a project, and then let’s find the right brick for your 2020 build.


City builds don’t shy away from lux finishes

At this time of year, there’s only one place we want to be right now, and that’s London. Our capital is a hub for businesses, and naturally, where there are businesses, there are people. And lots of them.

It’s impossible to please everyone, but if you’re planning on building apartments and selling them to Central Londoners', here’s a tip. These buyers are a unique kind, and catching their eye isn’t easy. Don’t appeal to the masses. Choose the finest, and consider every detail, because exclusivity is everything.

And that’s where innovative design, and lux materials come into play. With creativity, space is maximised, and the eye is drawn to extra special finishes. So with a team of specialist architects, city apartments ooze indulgence, and ‘Sold’ signs are hung fast.

It’s all about the materials chosen, and the more exclusive the better. Think sleek exterior finishes and indulgent interior feature walls. Our collection of waterstruck bricks are a talking point. Made with ancient soil, and refined through a traditional handmade manufacturing process, they have a unique finish. Each brick has a story to tell, and buyers want to hear it.

We’ve picked out a few of our favourite city apartment bricks, and we’lll walk you through a couple of examples below.


For Bespoke City Apartments

These are for extra-special one-off projects; think office buildings, retail complexes, libraries and bespoke city apartments. Linear bricks have the classic waterstruck aesthetic, but they’re double the length of a standard brick. The elongated form results in an elegant, design-led feel, and separates them from the ordinary. The colour range is exceptional too. Architects have an indulgent pallett to choose from, with various shades of black bricks, grey bricks, white bricks and cream bricks; bronze bricks and nudes are available too. Whichever colour is right for you, the elongated brick and sharp colour combo are ready to make a serious design statement.

But these facing bricks are not just for the external wow; Linear bricks are a versatile design tool, and are perfect for creating interior feature walls. Exposed brick adds personality, warmth and character, and nothing says exclusive like a Linear brick; a statement wall can create a rustic yet contemporary bedroom, or an industrial yet warm kitchen. Take a look at the linear brick collection to see the indulgent choice of colour variations too.


For Architectural Brilliance

These Waterstruck bricks look different. They bring a stylish warmth and personality to a new-build apartment block, and their exclusivity is alluring. Every home has the penthouse feel, even if it’s not on the top floor.

With a consistent surface structure, they’re great for visual uniformity within a development too; this results in an impressive collection of homes, but potential buyers want their home to stand out, and feel unique too. Unique bricks don’t disappoint; during the manufacturing process, the clay is poured into individual moulds, and released by a cleansing water lubricant. And for the Unique collection, each and every brick is treated to hand-firing.

These bricks show a pure, elegant finish, and every brick has an individual texture and aesthetic. This ensures that every unique brick, and every unique apartment, has its own distinct character. Browse the collection now!

But whilst our Unique and Linear collections are proving particularly popular with city apartments for 2020, without knowing your build and your project, it’s difficult for us to recommend a brick.

Get in touch to tell us a little more about your plans, and we’ll be on hand to find the right brick for your development. or call Chris on 07985 295 996

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