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Waterstruck bricks are somewhat of a contradiction; they are smooth yet textured, soft yet sharp. Re
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June 20, 2019

Flexible yet uncompromising. Hold that thought.

Waterstruck bricks are somewhat of a contradiction; they are smooth yet textured, soft yet sharp. Refined, but not afraid to wear the stories that make them so interesting; each and every waterstruck tells a tale of honest clay, and cleansing water. A journey that has been passed down by generations, and perfected with technology. Their delicate etchings are a fingerprint of authenticity. Each waterstruck brick is marked by it’s journey; and to read a wall of waterstruck bricks is unforgettable.

What Makes Them So Versatile?It starts with the clay itself. The properties and structure of the material is shaped by the minerals, flora and fauna that exist within the soil; so the quality and composition of the clay is dependant on region, weather and land conditions. Take Scandinavian clay; with land naturally rich in earth minerals and water, the soil unearths the finest clay particles. With a fine and delicate nature, it behaves differently to any other clay in the world.

Waterstruck Bricks: The Manufacturing ProcessThe waterstruck method of production enhances the raw material, and gives the bricks their distinct aesthetic. The mixture is poured into individual moulds, and after settling, water is used as the releasing agent. The clay, it’s handling, and the water lubricant combine to imprint a unique textural patina on each resulting brick. Technology emulates the hand, and the water creates a finish that cannot be achieved with any other method of brick-making. These are durable, frost resistant bricks, and yet their subtle surface textures create an endearing fragility too.

Waterstruck Bricks: Projects and Design

There is a waterstruck brick for almost any type of project; the variants in colour, texture and size give architects a versatile design material. The handmade, textural quality can disguise itself in renovation projects, and yet their sleek surface structure can make an impressive contemporary statement in housing developments and commercial builds alike. Discrete or bold; whether an architect wants to capture a modern or traditional feel, the waterstruck brick responds.The elongated form of our Linear waterstruck collection are an indulgent alternative to standard bricks; their 38mm length is double the industry standard, and when used for bespoke commercial builds, they sharply contrast against existing architecture and surroundings. Linear waterstruck bricks make a confident, design-led statement.

Waterstruck Bricks: The final thought

Let’s go back to the beginning, because when one project ends, another begins. A pause to reflect is always good too.

‘Waterstruck Bricks: Flexibility in design, yet an uncompromising finish.’

Flexible yet uncompromising. Perhaps the versatility, and indeed the beauty, of Waterstruck bricks lies in their contradictions. They have a distinct aesthetic that cannot be replicated by any other brick manufacturing process, and yet they are not bound to one type of build. Their distinctiveness simply gives an architect options. Their authenticity is alluring, and their character, honest. Their malleability allows them to respond to an architects direction, and shape any desired personality into a build.

To some extent, we can all identify with their flexible yet uncompromising nature; just like a waterstruck, our team remains flexible and reactive to our customers needs, and yet we’re uncompromising in the service quality and service we offer too. Here at UK Brick, we have handled clay from all over the world, and we’re proud to be exclusive partners of Scandinavia’s leading brick manufacturer. Together, we combine the finest raw materials, progressive research and innovative technology to deliver the world’s best bricks. And we’re proud to bring them to the UK. It allows us to deliver waterstruck bricks faster than any other UK based Brick supplier, because with our team taking care of the logistics, architects and housing developers can focus on inspiring our landscape.

So if you’d like a hand choosing the right bricks for your next build, please get in touch!


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